A Message from Dr. Delores Jacobs

June 13, 2008

On May 15, 2008 millions of same-sex California couples held hands as they held their breath. Held their breath and hoped. Hoped that a lifetime of love and commitment, paying their taxes and showing up to help would matter.

They waited to hear whether the California Supreme Court would rule for fairness, would rule to honor their love, commitment and families, and would finally offer them the same opportunities for realizing their hopes and dreams that all other Californians enjoy.

They dared to hope that it would matter. And finally, it did. Fairness won.

And no words could ever describe the moment those families realized they had won the right to be treated equally. Screams of joy and laughter for some, just quiet tears for others who have waited and worked a lifetime. The Court did its job that day – to ensure that all Californians are treated fairly and equally under the law. And it made history.

Take a moment today to be grateful. Be grateful for every organization that ever took up this fight, for every volunteer who fought the good fight, for every elected official who took the risk to stand with us, for every dollar that anyone gave to keep the struggle alive, for every family member and friend who believed that love could win over hate and fear, and for an America where fairness and equal treatment under the law can still win the day.

Yours in victory, Delores