Marriage Equality Comments and Suggestions

November 7, 2008

Part of any ongoing education or political campaign for social change is evaluating our strategies and the results of those strategies. The ongoing campaign for marriage equality is no different. We are deeply interested in hearing from everyone about all aspects of the strategy regarding Proposition 8 and all other marriage equality efforts.
Please take the time to send us all your comments, criticisms, suggestions. They will all become a part of the community wide debriefing strategy and ultimately, part of the ongoing planning.

Comments are sent directly to me – they will be catalogued and recorded then routed accordingly: if they are about a political campaign they will be sent to that campaign’s leadership team; if they are about educational strategies, they will be reviewed by the No on 8 leadership team.

We appreciate all feedback and suggestions as we continue to form strategy and shape materials and actions to ensure that California’s promise is realized and equality and justice for all are achieved! Click the “Comments” link below to submit your message.

Dr. Delores A. Jacobs
The Center